Chinabrands is aware that not every reseller dropship can achieve the same business levels. Depending on the product you choose to work in, the size of your business will vary greatly.

For example, in Chinabrands you will find some products, like spinners or small trendy toys, with very low prices and ridiculously high profits per unit. Maybe you choose to work with highly profitable cheap products instead of high priced everybody-wants-it kind of products.

This is why Chinabrands has decided to implement a fair distribution system amongst its VIP members. We want to encourage those members who decided to invest a little more money with products that initially would give them low profits.

The system is as follows. We will implement four different kind of VIP levels, depending on the size of your monthly business: the more you sell, the more discounts you will be granted. By doing so, these members who wish to buy more expensive products or have chosen to work with a very powerful or rich niche, will benefit from unique extra discouts in all the products they buy. However, those members who choose cheap products with high profits shall not benefit from this discounts. You guys are getting rich already!

Have you chosen to work with mini projectors? How about finding a niche for Android phones for kids or elders? These products are not cheap to produce, but we can get you a very good price. Also, if you reach one of our higher membership levels, you will be granted extra discounts so you can beat any comptetitor.

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